Waterville has a real recipe for success

What Waterville has done well is they have planned for this growth. A lot of communities will go through a long planning process but then it comes time to actually grow. Waterville has done that planning and attract investment and so now the growth is occurring. So I think in 5 years, you’re going to see changes in traffic patterns, how people live, how people get to work and everything that comes with development as it exits the planning phase and enters one of growth. It will have a remarkable impact on the community at large.

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Tom Siegel discusses the benefits and challenges of redevelopment `

Working on an older facility that was originally intended for one use and then modernizing it to meet the market and community's needs is a puzzle that we enjoy. It's a very interesting project and we like seeing it come to service of the community. Waterville has so much promise with the current attention being paid by an array of esteemed stakeholders and others in this emerging moment. We are excited to be part of it.


TUE groundbreaking begins comeback of iconic Waterville property

(Waterville, Maine) Mayor Nick Isgro and the Mid-Maine Chamber of Commerce will help Woodfords Family Services and Child Development Services with a groundbreaking ceremony Tuesday, on the former Seton campus of MaineGeneral Health.

The ceremony is set for 2:00 p.m., Tuesday, September 15th, at 30 Chase Avenue in Waterville. The business community and members of the media are welcome to attend.

The agencies are breaking ground on a brand new facility on the campus, a 10,000 square-foot building that Waterville Redevelopment Company is building on a 20-acre subdivision. Woodfords Family Services currently has five locations in Maine, including an office in Manchester and a preschool in Oakland. Child Development Services(CDS) has 9 regional offices throughout the state which provide case management and direct instruction for families with children from birth through age five. The new building will co-locate the preschool for children with autism and CDS offices, to ensure close collaboration and the highest quality of early intervention services.

Tuesday's groundbreaking is open to the business community, and members of the media.

Tuesday's groundbreaking is open to the business community, and members of the media.

“The new preschool for kids with autism will double the capacity for these critical early intervention services,” said Paul Nau, Executive Director of Woodfords Family Services. “Co-locating the pre-school with Child Development Services means closer collaboration and better outcomes for more children and their families in central Maine.”

Redevelopment of the former Seton campus is being handled by Waterville Redevelopment Company, a subsidiary of Dirigo Capital Advisors. H.E. Callahan Construction Company is working with Woodfords Family Services on construction of the new building.

“Actually beginning redevelopment in the heart of downtown Waterville is a very exciting milestone for us,” Mattson said. “I know that economic development is very important to city leaders, and we’re pleased to be a part of their efforts.”

Let’s make this work for Waterville taxpayers

Waterville Redevelopment Company and its owner, Dirigo Capital Advisors, appear before the Waterville Planning Board tonight, Monday, August 10. The former Seton Campus of MaineGeneral, tax-exempt since it was built decades ago, will hopefully be transformed into part of a commercial complex that one day will provide significant tax revenue to the City of Waterville. If you’d like to know more details about what’s happening on Chase Avenue and at the Planning Board tonight, check out this recent story by reporter Peter McGuire, “Plan for former Seton Hospital includes preschool, offices.”

Please check back often on this web page. We plan to make available several comprehensive documents that detail our plans for this fabulous property.

Dirigo Capital Advisors launches Seton redevelopment site

CLICK IMAGE for Seton Central update from DCA president Kevin Mattson

CLICK IMAGE for Seton Central update from DCA president Kevin Mattson


(Waterville, Maine) Dirigo Capital Advisors (DCA), owner of the Seton Central redevelopment project in downtown Waterville, has launched a new project web site designed to keep the community informed about redevelopment progress at the former “Seton Unit” of MaineGeneral Health.

The web site, www.SetonWaterville.com, will have periodic updates about redevelopment progress, and e-mail links to company management so that members of the public can express concerns or suggestions. DCA president Kevin Mattson published a YouTube video on the site today, announcing that MaineGeneral is the first tenant that the company has signed to a lease. He said in the next 60 to 90 days, DCA intends to be in contact with Waterville city officials to make sure redevelopment plans for the Seton Unit are “congruent” with Waterville’s master plan.

“Having MaineGeneral on board is a big plus, because it gives us good momentum and retains a medical core for the campus,” Mattson said. “I think that’s good news for the city in the long run.”

What’s planned for “Seton Unit” in Waterville, Maine?

The Kennebec Journal published an article on Saturday, September 14, 2013. Key excerpts:

“MaineGeneral also will lease from Dirigo the two smaller, 10,000 and 4,000-square-foot buildings used for a behavioral health center and sleep study center.

“Mattson has spoken with Mayor Karen Heck and City Manager Michael Roy about his plans to seek public input on the Seton property; he said he also plans to approach Waterville Development Corp. to brainstorm uses, and touch base with City Planner Ann Beverage.”

Read the full article here.

Watch VIDEO about the project here.

Seton's future: VIVID and VIBRANT

MaineGeneral's former Seton Unit presents a myriad of upbeat, positive outcomes for the taxpayers of Waterville, Maine? ALL GREAT IDEAS WELCOME! 

MaineGeneral's former Seton Unit presents a myriad of upbeat, positive outcomes for the taxpayers of Waterville, Maine? ALL GREAT IDEAS WELCOME! 

Is downtown redevelopment hard? You bet it is. Just ask downtown Biddeford-Saco, an area that for 25 years was plagued by odor from a trash-to energy plant right in the middle of town, on the banks of the Saco River. But the trash plant is finally gone, and that downtown area is now creating a much better future. This article, “Saco Island’s ALIVE with healthy, Maine-grown food!” shows how downtown Saco is totally redefining itself, and the article’s embedded video of a vibrant farmer’s market gives you a glimpse of just one imaginative idea for how to revitalize a downtown.

Saco Island’s redevelopment is being led by Seton Central’s parent company, Dirigo Capital Advisors. Seton Central intends to focus similar creative energy on the redevelopment of MaineGeneral’s former “Seton Unit.”

We think Waterville’s timing is just right for catching the perfect wave, as described in this Portland Press Herald article earlier this year: “Communities see livable, walkable villages and downtowns as a way to attract younger urban-oriented residents, improve efficiency and support local commerce. The challenge in many places will be balancing decades of single-purpose design that depends on automotive transportation with the growing desire of Americans to get out of their cars and walk city streets.”

Seton Central’s redevelopment work is led by Kevin Mattson, an enthusiastic champion of Maine’s downtowns, as you can see for yourself in this video. Plans for redevelopment at Seton Central are in the very early stages. All good ideas are on the table, and welcome. Do you have a great suggestion? We encourage and invite them, info@SetonWaterville.com!

WE’RE POSITIVE: Recent headline shouldn’t alarm

Kevin Mattson, president of Dirigo Capital Advisors, details his very positive outlook about re-developing the Seton hospital building in Waterville, Maine.

Kevin Mattson, president of Dirigo Capital Advisors, details his very positive outlook about re-developing the Seton hospital building in Waterville, Maine.

Recently my company made an acquisition in Waterville, and as you can tell by watching this video that I shot on Wednesday, the 26th of June, I feel very POSITIVE about this purchase and our prospects for success. When a newspaper article appeared a couple days later, “No plans for Waterville hospital, demolition possible,” personally I thought that was a sort of a gloomy “spin.” Because I’m not a gloomy guy!

I don’t blame the media for this at all; it’s their job to ask “What if?” I certainly had a nice, upbeat conversation with Jesse Scardina, the reporter who wrote the article, and I think he and I have a professional relationship. I’m sure I’ll be talking with him again in the months to come.

But let me assure you, I plan on approaching the redevelopment of the Seton Campus at MaineGeneral Health in Waterville with an extremely POSITIVE attitude. In fact, if I can take a silver lining from the article, it is that people in Waterville are extremely interested in the property and, ultimately, they want the best possible outcome for their city. So do I. That’s why I will be working very closely with officials in Waterville in the next few months, and if there is a good and appropriate re-use for the Seton hospital building, we will find it and implement a win-win scenario. Stay tuned for the good news!