Property Significance

Sisters’ Hospital opened in Waterville, Maine in 1924, and later became known as the Elizabeth Ann Seton Hospital. Construction on the building that now anchors Seton Center began in 1963, more than 50 years ago. In 1975 Seton and Thayer Hospital merged, forming Mid-Maine Medical Center (MMMC). In 1997 MMMC and Kennebec Valley Health Systems merged, forming MaineGeneral Health.

We bought the property in June of 2013. Despite all that change, one constant has remained. What will now be known as Seton Central has always been at the very heart of Waterville. Generations have been born here, and that history is important. As we re-develop and re-purpose Seton Center, we are keeping that community fabric as a top-of-mind consideration. If possible we’d like to keep a strong medical focus here on our campus, working very closely with MaineGeneral Health to achieve that goal.

But most important, we pledge to work closely with city officials to find the highest and best use for this unique property, and to plan a future here of which all of Waterville can be proud. Stay tuned --- this is going to be exciting!